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Fast Lubes

AutoFloors rubber flooring performs in tough,
fast lube environments.

“I would highly recommend…Auto Floors…because of their expertise and great customer service.... I have tried many other products for my bay floors and this is far and beyond the best floor I have found in 17 years for the quick lube business.”

–Chris Burns
Dirk-Wilson, Inc.

Fast lubes throughout the country have turned to AutoFloors for a flooring solution that looks good and will continue to perform for years to come.

AutoFloors rubber flooring is a cushioning surface that buffers clanging and clattering noise in the workplace and provides a comfortable surface for standing. It's slip resistant surface improves safety.

AutoFloors come in 12 standard colors and 2 surface textures that can be combined for a clean, bold graphic look that coordinates with equipment. The flooring can be customized with logos, safety markers, directional arrows and bay numbers for efficient communication.

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Custom color options are available with low square footage requirements.

Our understanding of your business and experienced installers help us minimize downtime. You will find AutoFloors rubber flooring installations in national service providers to your regional independent facility.