Flooring Solutions for the Automotive Industry

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AutoFloors rubber flooring professional installation minimizes downtime and transforms the look of
your facility.

“AutoFloors…installed over Memorial Day…As soon as the shop closed on Sunday afternoon, AutoFloors moved in and worked literally non-stop throughout the night, all of Memorial Day and night…we were back in business first thing Tuesday morning without skipping a beat!"

—Pat Wirth, Potomac Falls Xpress Lube & Car Wash, Virginia


AutoFloors sells and installs the finest quality O.G.R. flooring products. We don't just sell you rubber tiles, we sell you a rubber floor. That means AutoFloors provides turnkey installation— eliminating the burden to you of sourcing and managing local installers. AutoFloors uses manufacturer–preferred installers.

Our reliable, turnkey customer-focused installation procedures make the difference for customers shopping for flooring solutions in automotive environments.

We provide the best product, installed by the most qualified installers, in accordance with manufacturer's specification. AutoFloors isn't just our name, it's our business. Our reputation depends on doing it right and standing behind it. We service what we sell for the life of the floor.

AutoFloors defines an installation schedule that minimizes downtime without sacrificing quality. We use only bonded and insured experienced installers. Our workmanship and product are warrantied against defect.

To get an outline of the typical installation procedure, download this document:
PDF symbol Installation Sequence   for Fast Lubes